Private education challenges in the Republic of Macedonia

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Author(s)Biljana Apostolova
We are witnessing the rapid development of the society in which the dynamics reaches unprecedented pace. Improving the overall process has always been a challenge for the people who run things. The new trends have already changed the needs and the values ​​of knowledge and learning once for good and turned them into lifelong learning without interruption. Any society that cares about its future must have properly educated experts from a wide range of scientific fields. In Europe there are emphasized trends for unifying the contents of the faculties in order to provide greater mobility of students and teachers, but also to create a more efficient system of education. If we want to fit into the European and world trends in the development of higher education and if we require progress in all areas of the society, it is necessary to establish institutions of higher education that will be educating staff that will acquire not only scientific - theoretical but also applicably practical knowledge. Therefore, the establishment of the private University MIT Skopje was due to the needs of the European and global trends and the needs of this new society that strives to follow European trends.
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