Teaching and Learning at Kauno Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences

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Author(s)Nijole Zinkeviciene
The Kauno Kolegija, is a professional higher education institutions (PHEI) of Lithuania since 2000. As such, it offers high quality highereducation studies oriented to professional activity, learner's and society needs and participation of teaching staff and students in applied research and experimental (social,cultural) development activity.
The teaching and learning takes place at three level, the didactic level (classes), the project level and the level of research and development. At every level, Kauno Kolegija has excellent practice with proven results. Their chocolates are famous, they have intense cooperation with local businesses in chemistry etc.
The College is well recognised for its excellency, variety and its attractive learning environment. It offers lifelong learning opportunities. The internal quality assurance is well developed.
To continue improve in the field of PHE, the European Commission could support research conducted in Universities of Applied Sciences. It is important to encourage to business-higher education cooperation as much as possible, offer better possibilities for short term mobility.
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