Higher Education & Labour Market

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Author(s)Michal Karpíšek
Data available on European level shows that the number of higher education (HE) graduates is raising. At the same time, the number of jobs for HE graduates is raising.
Employers are generally very satisfied with the level of skills of graduates. They think higher education could be improved by work placements and practical experience. The cooperation between higher education institutions and employers is still scarce.
In conclusion, higher education and labour market needs are in phase but structural imbalance increased, worsened by the crisis.
More and more, graduates have to accept jobs for which they are overqualified. As the labour market is more unstable, they have to constantly adapt, by themselves or lifelong learning.
EURASHE supports a diversified and flexible higher education to fill labour market needs, it supports lifelong learning, through flexible entry points and recognition of prior learning. It reckons the importance of data collection and consultation with employers to follow closely the trends in the skills graduates need.
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