Challenges and Goals of Short-Cycle Higher Education – SCHE reflection in European strategic documents

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Author(s)Michal Karpíšek
Short Cycle Higher Education (SCHE) already proved its efficiency in many European countries but remains underexploited in others. EURASHE developed its expertise on SCHE through its working group and its Level 5 project. It presented SCHE's advantages in Slovenia at the final conference of the IMPLETUM project: SCHE enhances equality, social inclusion, employability, a diversified education and labour market. It offers more flexibility than traditional higher education, at lower cost. It is much more linked to the local realities, empowering local labour markets. The presentation presented a definition of SCHE, enlightening its characteristics, advantages and the challenges it faces. It went over the importance of SCHE in European politics, and proposed recommendations for the future of SCHE, to European and national institutions.
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