Verification of compatibility of NQF and QF-EHEA – Roadmap to self-certificaiton

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Author(s)Bryan Maguire
The European Higher Education Area Qualification Framework (QF-EHEA) was adopted in Bergen in 2005. Since then, signatory countries are expected to self-certificate their national qualification frameworks (NQF), which 8 did so far. Three models were adopted:
-Bergen: the NQF has primacy
-Berg: seeking to implement European Standards and Guidelines (ESG)
-Bespoke: iterative process
The presentation exposes when to certify, how to design the process and the methods, how to report on it band finally, how to cope at the same time with the EQF.
In conclusion, the process is driven by subsidiarity and creativity. It is important to increase cross-references to prior verification. Time pressure is potential threat for mutual trust.
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