Employability and cooperation between education and business sectors: Employers’ view

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Author(s)Anita Līce
Employability has become a central topic in education policy discussions. Many countries report persistently high-levels of long-term unemployment, particularly among young people, and at the same time employers often report that they are unable to find suitably skilled candidates to fill the job vacancies. It is important more than ever that education supports students to be prepared for their professional career, and it is also essential for economic growth and social cohesion. Closer linkages between the world of education and the world of work can contribute to more informed education and career choices of individuals, higher quality of education programmes and better learning outcomes. Employers can also provide practical training opportunities which is essential for smooth transition from education to employment. During this presentation, the speaker will give insight into the employers’ perspective on the concept of employability, cooperation between employers and education institutions and the role of employer organisations, and will offer proposals to improve employability of graduates.
CategoriesModernising PHE within diversified HE » 2014 24th Annual Conference