Quality and transparency in education-industry partnerships

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Author(s)Barbara Kelly
The purpose of my presentation is to set out a rationale for greater cooperation at a national level between higher education (specifically the qualifications system) and industry (specifically employers). The key premise is that effective education-industry cooperation can have major impact and support a change agenda across higher education; challenge current education practices; and enhance the quality of teaching and learning. The content is designed:
• to complement current debates regarding making lifelong learning a reality and building a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy delivering high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion.
• to support the promotion of approaches to formation, learning, education and training that are based on learning through real tasks, in real time, for real purposes, in real environments.
We will examine the above issues by considering education-industry partnerships across higher education in Ireland including the role of QQI; the current restructuring of both the further and higher education and training sectors; the Review of Apprenticeship Training in Ireland; and a greater national focus and impetus on promoting employer engagement and entrepreneurship education.
CategoriesModernising PHE within diversified HE » 2014 24th Annual Conference