2013 23rd Annual Conference: Report – Higher Education – Making the Knowledge Triangle Work

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Author(s)Richard Thorn
Although making the knowledge triangle work is a journey rather than a state that can be definitively achieved it is clear that at a philosophical level our understanding of the policy is clear and well understood.
What is not so clear is how, at an institution level, actions can be put in place that will give effect to the policy. Changes in pedagogical practices to ensure a more prominent role for work-based learning, recognition of prior learning, internship programmes, sandwich courses, problem-based learning and learning outcomes focused learning, inter alia, are clearly part of the
response needed from HEIs.
Likewise, much of the dialogue between HEIs and employers appears to be a dialogue based on a common language but not a shared understanding of the issues if the results of employer soundings on the matter are to be believed.
Whilst these matters offer significant opportunity for PHEIs to increase their visibility within higher education there is clear evidence that more traditional HEIs are reinventing themselves whilst new types of institutions are emerging and that PHEIs will also have to reinvent themselves, their offerings and the way in which programmes are developed and delivered.

The report contains the information on the conference and the reporting on the three tracks: Mission and Profile of Professional Higher Education; Innovation and Employability.
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