Perceptions of Professional Higher Education in Europe – Report

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Author(s)Iva Voldánová
The field of Professional Higher Education in Europe, only vaguely defined, is growing and gaining importance for the European higher education arena. More and more, higher education institutions of all kinds are starting to integrate professionally oriented programmes into the academic portfolio, and cooperation between academia and employers is on the rise. The wide variety of systems which now fall under the term of ‘Professional’ HE, makes it difficult to transnationally analyse this sector, hinders recognition of qualifications, and limits the ability of policy tools to strengthen its growth.
To address this issue, the HAPHE research team performed a quantitative survey and analyses through a wide consultation with stakeholders from education, business and society the different approaches, demands and future trends to professional higher education (PHE) throughout 15 EU-member states. More than 350 stakeholders have participated in the survey since March 2013 and delivered their understanding and views on the nature of PHE in Europe.
• Represent the views and attitudes of a wide-range of stakeholders towards PHE
• Discuss the various perceptions and definitions in PHE
• Setting out defining characteristics of professional higher education in Europe
CategoriesMission of PHE » 2013 23rd Annual Conference, HAPHE