Mapping and characterising PHE in Europe – Report

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Author(s)Armando Pires
Trends in Higher Education:
1. Standardisation– jobs are more standardised thus training also
2. Specialisation for institutions
3. HEIs growing larger
4. Diversification of HEIs
5. Permeability increasing
6. AHE and PHE drifting towards each other (binarity blurring) x3
7. AHE power and tradition favours itself (lobbying)
8. Different staffing profiles emerging for institutional types
9. RPL increasing importance of assessment
10. Finding its niche and enhancing research capacity
11. Place of learning changing
12. Increase of workload
13. Peer- Reviewed research still driver for career
14. Mobility
15. Types of research fundamental vs applied
16. Doctoral degrees remain in area of AHE
17. Employability for PHE
CategoriesMission of PHE » 2013 23rd Annual Conference, HAPHE