Merging education and innovation – Croatian perspective

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Author(s)Mile Dželalija
Current higher education, research and innovation practice in Croatia does not well fit to the labour market and, in general, to the society needs. Education models still rely heavily on conventional input oriented approaches to student learning. New technology complexities that face the future of higher education, combined with the demands of technologically literate students, challenge researchers and educators to be responsive to advance outcome oriented learning, and relevant for students and labour market. Policy of the current research system focuses its outputs to formal elements, such as number of publications in peer-reviewed international journals, impact factors of journals, and number of co-authors at publications, which has small impact on relevant innovations.
Input of this presentation will include brief description of the current education, research and innovation practice in Croatia comparing to practices in some other countries. Additionally, there will be an input on the main elements of new reforming instrument in Croatia – qualifications frameworks, including strengths and challenges during its development and implementation phase.
CategoriesResearch Developement and Innovation » 2013 23rd Annual Conference