Lifelong learning, social innovation and the welfare society

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Author(s)Joeri van den Steenhoven
What Europe today is encountering is not just a crisis of our welfare society. What we are seeing is the rough shocks of a fundamental transformation towards a knowledge society. This transformation poses many challenges to people, institutions and society at large. Among them certainly are institutions of higher education. They have a crucial role to play in tomorrow’s society. If they want to help present and next generations all over Europe to have a prosperous life, two roles are central for them. First, preparing and supporting people for change, which means a lifelong learning. Second, helping to renew our welfare society and finding new answers to the social challenges of our time, which means social innovation.
In his opening address Joeri van den Steenhoven will give his perspective of the changes in society we see today and his views of what higher education needs to do. But he is not just setting the stage. From his own practice as a social innovator and educator he will present possible strategies and approaches. Through that he hopes to contribute to a lively debate on the role of higher education in a changing society.
CategoriesModernising PHE within diversified HE » 2012 22nd Annual Conference