Developments in Equity Research in Europe

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Author(s)Anthony F. Camilleri
The presentation will use multiple sources, including initial results from the second phase of the EQUNET project, and the latest Bologna stocktaking report, to look at the latest trends in access to Higher Education in Europe - particularly as related to the situation of migrants (both internal migration with the EU and external migration). It will also highlight some selected micro-case studies of effective policies/actions to enhance equity/access in various EU member states. The presentation will endeavour answer the following questions: Is the EHEA also an area for equitable access? What are the main lacunae in current policies? What has been proven to work in terms of policy and activities, and can policies for equity be compatible with the fiscal consolidation currently taking place in nearly all EU states at the moment?
CategoriesModernising PHE within diversified HE » 2012 22nd Annual Conference, EquNet