HR and New Approaches: Development of Business School Staff, The Pulse Approach

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Author(s)Dan Ole Faaborg
Business schools always found it easy to define the core subjects in their programmes – hiring new staff or developing existing staff would concentrate on attracting the best academics in these classic business fields. Micro and macro economics, organisation, business law, statistics, logistics etc.
New demands for “the whole person” who can not only think and analyse but also feel, be enthusiastic, and perform and implement have raised the thresholds of competence.
Many international associations offering accreditation require accredited schools to define a set of specific goals for the development of their faculty.
Very often their interest is to see how mission and vision statements are pursued in the HR effort of the schools. A good business school will design faculty development programs to fulfill the school's mission.
What is missing in school policies is often a description of how the school can link its faculty development efforts to the achievement of its stated goals and student-learning outcomes. The session deals with a scenario of a so-called “pulse” strategy which is a model to foster the link between mission statement, business partners, goals, student-learning outcomes, and faculty-development programmes.
Level: intermediate
Form: interactive session
Speaker: Ole Faaborg, UCN Northern Denmark, Dean of Business School
CategoriesModernising PHE within diversified HE » 2009 19th Annual Conference