In-company training & education provided by higher education institutions: Work Group Discussion

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Author(s)Michael Cholewa-Madsen
Michael Cholewa-Madsen will shortly present the Danish education system and the relationship to the Danish Insurance Academy. The academy is a private institution, which is an exception in Denmark, where all other education at all levels is a public matter: Publicly
financed, publicly assessed and accredited.
The presentation will raise questions about student learning and quality in education. The key point is to underline the goal of the Bologna process about quality in education and focus on the student’s learning process.
The main scope of the presentation is that there is a tendency to focus on differences rather than focusing on similarities in education systems across Europe. Regardless of whether they are private, public, new, old, rich or poor institutions, the focus should be on the student's learning process and the quality in education. In-company training and school education are two mutually dependent sides of the student's learning process and must be integrated and recognized on an equal basis.
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