Associations between Hogescholen and Universities in Flanders, Belgium

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Author(s)Ignace Van Dingenen
In connection to the implementation of the Bachelor-Master structure in Flanders it was decided that “hogescholen” can deliver Master degrees, if the Master studies are organised in cooperation with a university. The legal structure for this cooperation is the so-called “Associations”. This cooperation is obligatory and necessary in relation to the academic level of the two cycles at the “hogescholen” and the supply of Master studies. In Flanders are for the moment 5 Associations. Beside of the necessary cooperation on the academic levels of the two cycles, cooperation are centred on the following areas: Implementation of the Bachelor-Master structure, the development of rational study programmes, the organisation of reasonable connections between Bachelor- and Master studies, agreements on mutual procedures for recognition of earlier required competences, and mutual research programmes. Further on there is cooperation in fields like quality assurance and accreditation, social issues, the development of a mutual infrastructure. The Association University Gent (AUGent) is a partnership between University Gent, the Hogeschool Gent, the Arteveldehogeschool and the Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen. The AUGent was established the 29th of April 2003, and counts app. 50.000 students in East- and West Flanders.
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