Analysis of TSC Education in the new signatory countries of the Bologna Declaration

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Author(s)Magda Kirsch
At the EURASHE Annual Conference in June 2003 in Gyöngyös, Hungary, the EURASHE survey: “Tertiary Short Cycle Education in Europe” was presented, and the Report was forwarded to the Bologna Follow-up Group . As a result of the survey and the recommendations, the Ministers in the Berlin Communiqué “invite the Follow-up Group to explore whether and how shorter higher education may be linked to the first cycle of a qualifications framework for the European Higher Education Area”. At the Berlin Summit the request for membership of the Bologna Group of Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Holy See, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” was accepted. – Accordingly, the analysis of the Tertiary Short Cycle Education will be extended to these countries. The analysis will be carried out in the period March – September 2004, resulting in a supplementary report. Preliminary results are presented at the Conference.
CategoriesMission of PHE » 2004 14th Annual Conference