Quality Assurance Advances in Curriculum Developments: Standards and Procedures in Greek Higher Technological Education

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Author(s)Ioannis Kazazis
Higher education in Greece comprises of two sectors, the University sector with 20 institutions having 200.000 students and the Technological sector with 15 Technological Education Institutions (TEIs) having 190.000 students. Both types of institutions are protected by the Constitution having degree-offering Departments with a minimum of 4-year undergraduate studies. After 1998 and before the Bologna process the TEIs have totally reformed and rebuilt their curricula of studies in all the degree-offering Departments according to the student work load and to the ECTS system (25 hours work load per ECTS credit). Quality assurance mechanisms were safeguarded by the Institute of Technological Education (ITE).
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2004 14th Annual Conference