Quality and Equality: core values for European Higher Education

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Author(s)David Crosier
EUA and EURASHE are both engaged in European reflection on how to improve higher education quality, and in particular what kind of practice should be promoted to assist institutions in fulfilling their primary responsibility for quality assurance. The Quality Culture Project had its origin in EUA's first action plan which emphasized that, in issues of quality assurance, the point of departure must be the institutions' capacity for developing a robust internal quality culture, and stressing that this capacity is integrally linked to institutional autonomy and public accountability. The Quality Culture Project is now being taken forward in a second round with participation from both EUA and EURASHE members. It aims to contribute to the development and embedding of a systematic and coherent quality culture as well as to the general goals of the Bologna process. This presentation will examine the results of the project from the first year, and point to how the notion of quality culture could be developed in the future European Higher Education Area, exploring in particular the neglected relationship between quality and equality.
CategoriesModernising PHE within diversified HE » 2004 14th Annual Conference