The Berlin Communiqué with regard to Quality Assurance (QA)

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Author(s)Lucien Bollaert
In order to take up the mandate in the Quadripartite group (ENQA-EUA-EURASHE-ESIB), EURASHE installed an international working group on quality assurance and accreditation. It investigated its Bologna mandate and prepared EURASHE’s first coherent policy statement centred on QA and accreditation (Power Point presentation: EURASHE Position Paper on Quality Assurance and Accreditation, related to the Berlin Communiqué), which was adopted by the Executive Council on January 16, 2004.
EURASHE's position stresses:
- internal, external QA and accreditation as 3 distinctive steps in the quality assurance, linked by a self-assessment report, a public evaluation report and a public, motivated accreditation decision;
- the belief that institutional as well as programme items can be joint in these steps, evaluated by independent expert panels, consisting of not only peers but representatives of all stakeholders;
- the belief that generic standards and a general code of principles should and can be reached on a European level, for the external QA as well as for the expert reviewing of quality and/or accreditation agencies.
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