Quality Labels for the Chemistry Graduates Enhance their Employability

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Author(s)Pavel Drašar
Three major players in European dimension of chemical education and professional activities, ECTN, ECTN-A and EuCheMS joined their forces to create widely acknowledged structure of well recognised quality labels.
The European Chemistry Thematic Network is an association which joins some 150 European universities teaching chemistry, the European Chemistry Thematic Network Association is a non-profit making association registered in Belgium and is an outcome of six years of ECTN activity; and EuCheMS, the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences is the association of European chemical societies. All three partners aim to bring together all actors in the chemistry sector to enhance the employability of chemistry graduates at all levels but particularly at the first cycle level; to enhance the professional/generic skills of students; to report on and evaluate innovative teaching methods; to develop a European qualifications framework for the chemistry sector; to identify best practices in the creation of study programmes combining chemistry and chemical technology; to create an Internet–based test for all chemistry branches; and to enhance the public image of chemistry, i.a.
Quality labels: EuroBachelor®, EuroMaster®, EuroDoctor, and European Chemist are capable to certify educational and professional levels, required educational structure, international acknowledgement, and enhanced mobility of graduates across the European (and maybe world) educational and research space as well as the job marketplace. Chemists welcome every opportunity to help in application of this scheme in any other educational and professional specialisation.
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