Paradigm Shifts in HE & QA – From Teaching to Learning in Relation to Mission & Vision

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Author(s)Lucien Bollaert
With the fundamental changes in the global knowledge society both the diversity and massification of higher education have caused to re-think its vision, mission and quality management. There is a shift towards looking upon education as a transformational, co-created process. Quality is thus regarded as the added value between input and output. It thus fits the new mission of higher education (HE) to be an open and global community in which education, research and social services are co-created by the stakeholders concerned. This paradigm shift in HE becomes clear in new trends in QA that can be situated on 4 axes, which are sometimes contradictory. The axes are on the lines of the scope of QA, of the learning outcomes (LO); of the kind of standards that are used, qualitative or quantitative, open or strictly prescriptive, and finally of the acknowledgement of the dimension of quality culture underpinning quality in its dialectic relation to QA. His speech will end with the near future of QA after the Bologna conference in Yerevan.
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