Project Proposals’ Assessment and Evaluation The Point of View of the Evaluator

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Author(s)Nina J Zugic

Rationale: Assessment and evaluation requirements are vital to the success of a project proposal. Expertise of each member of the Consortium, clear objectives that are corresponding the outcomes, and robust implementation of the work plan are the key elements for addressing the Excellence, Impact and Implementation criterion of HORIZON 2020 project proposal evaluation. Learning Objective(s):- To introduce Project Proposals’ Assessment and Evaluation Criterion - To develop better understanding of the Assessment and Evaluation process - To share good practice of successfully funded projects. Overview: This workshop will assist attendees in the analysis of project proposals’ assessment and evaluation process. Abstract Details: This workshop will use samples of successfully funded HORIZON 2020 project proposals to showcase the assessment and evaluation process. The Evaluator’s point of view will help attendees understand the process better. Attendees will identify its personal/future proposal development needs, in a form of a group exercise. Attendees will be also encouraged to transfer this knowledge in developing its own proposals, involving Universities of Applied Sciences and other PHE institutions. Workshop Interactivity: Workshop will be interactive, with examples, case studies and group exercises.

CategoriesMission of PHE » 2017 27th Annual Conference
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