The smart factory with a part production concept in higher education – paper

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Author(s)Gorazd Rakovec

The 4th industrial revolution was responsible for the formation of a new science. In Germany, the new science was named Industry 4.0. The new jobs with the titles: Architect Industry 4.0 (or digitalization, Internet of Things ...), Consultant Industry 4.0, Engineer Industry 4.0, etc., were created. Technical schools have begun offering new subjects for Industry 4.0. A short description of the business model has been written which brings significant upgrades across all the business functions. The interactional block diagram of the manufacturing and logistics CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) has been drawn and described. The factory of the 4th revolution called the Smart Factory is the synthesis of the 3rd Industrial Revolution systems with the upgraded process feedback loop. The new system - Smart Factory, was built using the basic units - islands and IIoT systems, which are the synthesis of manufacturing, handling, assembly, logistic and control, machines, tools, products, PLM-CAx systems, ERP, MES, SCADA and Process systems. The biggest novelty in production is the decentralized logistics of the products which navigate themselves. The biggest advantage of the Smart Factory is the ability that staff can learn the processes much better. The longer they learn, the more they know and more added value they produce. Therefore, the Smart Factory is built for people who work to seventy years of age and older, and every day they become smarter.

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