Applied Universities as Platform-Based Innovation Hubs

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Author(s)Hannes Raffaseder, Gabriele Permoser

Amongst the most influencing effects of digitalization is a shift from product to platform-based companies. Instead of selling products, organizations such as Google or Airbnb establish multi sided platforms to manage relationships with various stakeholders and enable direct interactions between them. These transitions have a major impact on business models and workflows as well as everyday life as part of a new digital culture. Universities have been regarded as product-based providers of education and research offering courses and degrees to students as well as scientific papers and other research outcome to industry and society. However, they have strong potential to act as platformbased innovation hubs providing a vehicle for smart individuals from different disciplines and a diverse variety of institutions to interact with each other. Finding overlaps between different needs is key to sustainable success and interdisciplinary skills, creativity and collaboration are core competences to keep up with an accelerating digital society. While an inside-out approach is in general more difficult for the industry, universities tend to have problems with outsiders engaging in academic activity. Thus, HEIs not only have to develop competence profiles of study programs and research on digital topics, but have to re-think their missions and strategies to become consistent with a digital society. The breakout-session promotes a shift into platform-based innovation hubs. After a short overview of related theory, major challenges are discussed. Participants share ideas and approaches to manage relationships with various stakeholders and enable direct interactions between them in order to implement a “digital culture”.

CategoriesMission of PHE » 2017 27th Annual Conference, Research Developement and Innovation
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