Opening the ivory tower – third mission activities of small universities of applied sciences in context of economy 4.0

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Author(s)Gabriele Permoser, Hannes Raffaseder

The increasing influence of digital technologies in all areas of life is likewisely challenging economy and society. Automatization and human-machine-interaction are calling for new competencies from the employees. The eased access to knowledge asks for critical thinking from the recipients of information. Especially in the context of digitalization of information and post-truth tendencies, universities of applied sciences (UAS) are important partners both regionally and globally. With numerous activities (ranging from hosting science communication events to continuous training for employees of local SMEs), which cannot directly be assigned to teaching and/or research, they foster knowledge transfer to economy and society. These activities can be summed up as “third mission”. As a result, higher education institutions (HEI) have to open the well-known ivory tower. Third mission leads to a cultural change of the identity of HEIs. They interact with a divers set of various stakeholders and act as platforms for collaborative innovation. In recent years, third mission became a buzzword both used from public authorities as well from HEIs. Nevertheless, these activities aren’t described in any knowledge survey. Metrics, like number of peer reviewed publications and third party funding are still used to illustrate the output of HEIs. Why do especially UAS to open their doors and act as platform for collaborative innovation? How can these activities be evaluated? This poster will describe St. P.lten UAS ideas of a concept for evaluating third mission activities. The idea is to create a set of criteria to show the significance of the interaction with a divers set of stakeholders and how both sides can create a win-win-situation. 

CategoriesMission of PHE » 2017 27th Annual Conference
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