Paving the path towards Universities of Applied Sciences in Hungary – Summary on the Hungarian developments in the field of Professional Higher Education

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Author(s)Petra Perényi

The worldwide tendency to make a stronger link between higher education and the labour market with the aim to increase the employability of the Youth is clearly reflected in the Hungarian governmental measurements lately. The Hungarian Higher Educational Strategy acknowledges: in order to raise the level and competitiveness of education the affected parties have to accept the concept that state higher education institutions can and must operate as a part of the market. The HE Strategy -with the title „A change of pace in higher education”- includes PHE-related goals and measurements on a large scale, some of which have already been realized. A significant change has been the transformation of the institutional system during 2016, as a result of which many colleges became „universities of applied sciences” offering bachelor and master programs, like universities do, but still keeping the focus on practice, moreover placing stronger emphasis on integrating practice into the programs. In the framework of this an importamt tendency is the establishment of more and more dual courses. Also, there are other complementary pillars of PHE-related improvements: „Industry 4.0 Irinyi” seeks to improve the contribution of the Hungarian industry to the Hungaran GDP, which naturally entails PHE development, while the Centre for the Cooperation of Higher Education and the Industry is responsible to coordinate PHE with R&D&I activities and to make use of scientific results in practice (making the link between applied research and industrial experience) with the aim of increasing effectiveness in business and promoting innovation.

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