An Industry Sourced Platform for Academic Quality Assurance Processes

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Author(s)Barry O’Connor

A Dynamic and Integrated Evaluation and Reporting Process (DIERP) is proposed to address some of the current questions in Academic Quality Assurance (AQA). The proposed platform would enable a more integrated and consistent approach to AQA across the full spectrum from the learner and academic practitioner, through Higher Education Institutions (HEI) to national and international quality and accreditation agencies. While the questions which form the basis of the academic review process are numerous, they are indeed a finite number. Hence they can be structured in a coherent way. Supported by off-the-shelf interpretative tools, the products in many cases of industrial process control/ validation developments, a new template can be put in place to support a coherent approach to AQA and institutional validation. This, in turn, will lead to advances in benchmarking, AQA enhancement and mutual recognition of qualifications, professional licenses etc. The migration of these tools from industrial/manufacturing sphere would well mirror the original transfer of Deming’s PDCA toolkit into earlier AQA practices. It is time to embrace new technology and generate new ideas in AQA. Process Analytic Technology (PAT) offers a new platform for AQA. DIERP would enhance AQA processes and align some with industry methodologies, increasing industry understanding and acceptability of academic quality values and outcomes, providing a common platform for industry and academic stakeholders alike. Issues such as what, when and how to review, compliance or enhancement and relevant ICT enabling tools are other components in this platform. This input is an example of proposed best answering the increasing demands for evidence-based accreditation and validation exercises.

CategoriesMission of PHE » 2017 27th Annual Conference, Quality of HE
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