Customized x-Learning Environment: e-portfolio integration

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Author(s)Anabela Mesquita, Fernando Moreira, Paula Peres, Lino Oliveira

Education needs to take into consideration the needs and expectations of each student. Additionally, interaction plays an important role in the creation of knowledge. Since the time in physical environment are more scarce, teachers are adopting learning environments that somehow help to build bridges between the world inside and outside school. These environments are putting more and more the student at the centre. Taking this context into consideration, a Customized xLearning environment (where the X can take the form of electronic, mobile or ubiquitous) model was developed. This model brings together the learning management systems, the personalized learning environment, the social networks (horizontal and vertical ) as well as the knowledge sharing networks. Communication mediator elements are also present enabling the interaction between students, students and teachers and between students and experts and potential employers. Education should not be done with the back to the companies’ environment and one possible solution is, in one hand, to allow experts and potential employers to participate in the professional development of students with assignments and projects’ proposals as well as supervising students. On the other hand students can get closer to the real world by showing them what they are capable of meaning what they have created and developed during their education. This can be done by integrating portfolios in the CxLE. In this poster, we would like to present the CxLE model and how it can integrate the portfolios.

CategoriesMission of PHE » 2017 27th Annual Conference, Modernising PHE within diversified HE
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