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Author(s)Raimonda Agnė Medeišienė, Elinga Noreikaitė

New Strategies for Working Life Collaboration is a two-year project (09/2014 – 08/2016) which aim is to create new strategies for efficient collaboration between the working life and educational institutions. It has come to grips with six topics: advisory boards, internships, alumni, serving society, project assignments and career services. There are 6 educational institutions from 4 countries involved in this project: Finland, Iceland, Lithuania and Estonia. The good practice includes the experience of the team of Tallinn University of Applied Sciences that is responsible for one of the topics of provision of career services. Therefore, the main attention has been redundant to that field. It brings together the theoretical background, related works, conducted survey and description of the best practices. The project team of TTK UAS examined the needs and strategic importance of career services for students in higher educational institutions. Education can undoubtedly be considered an important influence on the process of entering the labour market, as well as on the development of the early career. The project team appoints Job Shadow Day and Career Day as the best practices in the field of career services. In addition to Job Shadow and Career Days there are elective subjects in curricula of TTK UAS: personal development, teamwork, planning – topics which support students’ career planning.

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