Teaching Programmable Logic Controller with 3D virtual production line

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Author(s)Florence Lecroq, Jean Grieu
Today, the fourth industrial revolution is underway. Factories become global networking systems. Industrial production centers are equipped with fully automated, flexible and interconnected units. Machines communicate with each other, without human intervention. Big Data massively produced and collected by various components on the production line allow replicating virtual parts of this chain in order to generate simulations of process or tests. With these new training tools, technicians can familiarize themselves with working environment and understand complex procedures. This approach can even be used to facilitate repairs and predictive maintenance. Virtual Reality will be one the crucial points and key factor of success of the Industry 4.0. Considering this context, we built a syllabus on PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) using 3D virtual operational parts for teaching. The use of 3D environments by students for learning will be developed in this presentation. Our students are in Electric and Industrial IT Department of the IUT (INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY). For the virtual operational parts, we use software which simulates various virtual operational parts. This software uses the technologies of video games. Our students, “digital natives”, quickly understand the functioning of the system. They work on real PLC, with the professional software they will encounter in industry. The real inputs and output of the PLC are connected to a device which collects the real information and orders, which return to the PC via USB to act in the simulator. The programs carried out by the students manage directly the real PLC inputs and outputs. The actions are immediately visible on the screen where is posted the simulator of operational parts. The students see in real time the results of the program, boxes moving on the various conveyors.
CategoriesMission of PHE » Modernising PHE within diversified HE, 2017 27th Annual Conference
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