Where Would We Go from Here?- The Dilemmas of the Acedemic and Practice-Orientation of Universities of Applied Sciences

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Author(s)Balázs Heidrich

Universities of applied sciences are becoming more and more accepted in higher education systems all over Europe. Previously very Humboldtian higher education systems like the Hungarian and Austrian have also introduced this institutional category. However these ”latecomers” have to face the multifaceted challenge of convergence vs. divergence as compared to traditional universities. The strategic challenge here is: how much to converge to the academic-orientation of traditional universities and with the academic requirements of national regulation or how much to diverge to the ever increasing needs of the corporate world? Humboldtian systems with no formal recognition of professional higher education raise serious burdens to respond to the above mentioned questions? The seemingly ambidextrious strategic question is how to fulfill both needs? What kind of human resources are needed to respond to the twofold challenge? What kind of organizational cultural challenges would a university of applied sciences face in such external environment?

CategoriesMission of PHE » 2017 27th Annual Conference
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