Strategic Partnership for Building Professional Higher Education Capacity in Europe: the BuildPHE Project

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Author(s)Marek Frankowicz

The main objective of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership “BuildPHE” project is to increase the quality of the connection of Higher Education with the world of work (WoW) in all its aspects, including teaching, learning, research and governance. The project is coordinated by the State Higher Vocational School in Tarnow (Poland), other partners are institutions from Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia and Slovenia, as well as EURASHE and Knowledge Innovation Centre Malta. The project is made up of three complementary activities: analysis of institutional strategies, collection of best practice, design of interventions to strengthen institutional strategies. Twelve HAPHE criteria, developed in the framework of HAPHE (Harmonizing Approaches to Professional Higher Education) project have been used as the basis for the design of the self-assessment tool (SAT) for PHE institutions. The tool has been tested in 15 PHE institutions (3 in each Partner Country) and now it is being optimized. In parallel, the examples of best practice for each HAPHE criterion are collected and will be made available for the wider public. The project will, inter alia, foster improved collaboration between PHEIs and enterprises, increase the choice of learning pathways available to students, in particular strengthening ‘dual’ options involving a mixture of studies and work experience such as apprenticeships and contribute towards addressing skill-shortages in key technical areas of employment. The project will also make recommendations to national policy-makers as to measures to improve and enhance cooperation between academia and enterprises. At EU level, the project will facilitate exchange of practice and increased cooperation between Institutions and Associations of Professional Higher Education.

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