Work Based Learning Partnerships between Higher Education Institutes and External Employer Organisations – material

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Author(s)Oran Doherty

Higher education institutes (HEIs) and external employer organisations are increasingly recognising the benefits of engaging in work based learning (WBL) partnerships. WBL partnerships involve colleges and universities collaborating with an employer (or group of employers) in the design and delivery of an academic programme. The learners are normally employed in the employer organisation and the programme addresses the needs of the employer and employees. Traditionally colleges and universities addressed the needs of those seeking employment but now need to consider the needs of those in employment, because of an increasing emphasis on knowledge, changing work conditions, new work requirements and an extended working life. Not only is WBL beneficial to the employer, employee and the HEI, but the State can also gain through improved economic performance. However, significant challenges associated with this form of engagement has meant such partnerships are not as widespread as they could be. The purpose of this workshop is to consider the challenges presented to both the employer and HEI and to make recommendations to improve the experiences of the three stakeholders (employer, HEI and employee/learner). The breakout session will present numerous practical steps the HEI and employer organisation can take to ensure a successful WBL partnership. This interactive workshop will examine best practice in relation to programme design, delivery, assessment, coordination and evaluation. A number of sample WBL programmes will be considered throughout the session. Workshop participants will be expected to contribute by identifying challenges and facilitators in relation to WBL partnerships and sharing best practice ideas. This interactive workshop will involve the audience participating by identifying barriers and facilitators to higher education institutes and external employers collaborating in work based learning partnerships. Practical examples from a number of different disciplines will be provided and workshop participants will be encouraged to share examples.

CategoriesMission of PHE » 2017 27th Annual Conference, Modernising PHE within diversified HE
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