University Fourth Mission. Spin-offs and Academic Entrepreneurship: a theoretical review through the variety of definitions

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Author(s)Augusto Cocorullo

Purpose of this paper: Universities are now considered to be vital players in the process of the transferring of knowledge, innovation and technology from the academic to the commercial/productive sector. If in the past universities covered this role by granting patents to outsiders, the situation has deeply changed. Today academic institutions are also dedicated to the creation and promotion of spin-offs and start-ups, as a response to the social pressures on accountability and dialogue with economic world through the sharing of scientific research results. This paper analyzes the existing definitions of University Spin-offs (USOs) in order to systematize them and to identify the possible criteria for classifying the different aspects of this multi-headed concept. Plan/methodology/approach: The research will present a review of existing national and international literature on the subject in order to outline the theoretical framework within which the whole survey will then be placed, using a qualitative methodology. Findings: The different definitions of USOs, which are not explicitly clarified by the authors, cover a big variety of phenomena and this is a problem for the comparability of the different researches. What is original/value of paper: Define a typology of the different USOs.

CategoriesMission of PHE » 2017 27th Annual Conference
TagsEURASHE, UAS, university of applied sciences, conference, 4.0, digitalisation, fourth mission, spin-offs, academic entrepreneurship, definitions