Updating curricula in response to labor market needs

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Author(s)Dimitar Dimitrov, Mariana Ivanova, Petar Petrov, Patricia Georgieva, Ekaterina Arabska

The paper presents the results from the implementation of the project “Updating curricula in University of agribusiness and rural development (UARD) in response to labor market needs” carried out by UARD under the Human Resources Development Operational Program 2007 – 2013 in Bulgaria, co-financed by the European Social Fund of the EU. The main purpose of the project was curricula development for acquiring knowledge, skills and competences to raise the quality of training and the employability of students. The project method was based on need analyses and inclusion of business/employers representatives in identifying key skills and competences needed by the graduates. This enabled the project team to develop a new, competence-based approach to the design of programs, tools for program design and teams of the university departments in updating existing curricula. The project main outcomes included new and updated curricula with the active participation of employers, and more open and transparent process of program and course monitoring. This led to an improved quality assurance of program design and approval across departments and the institution as a whole. One of the project side effects has been the improved student participation in internships in companies which was also connected to the project on student practices and internships continuing in the new program period 2014-2020 too. The project experience helped us better understand the advantages of competence-based approaches to development of university curricula and to apply them successfully now. The practices could be transferred to other institutions in order to be implemented, further developed and improved.

CategoriesMission of PHE » 2017 27th Annual Conference, Modernising PHE within diversified HE
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