Convergence, Diversity and Innovation in European Higher Education

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Author(s)Bernd Wächter
In terms of cooperation of higher education institutions across country borders, Europe has long been and undoubtedly still is this world’s most advanced continent. But it has also for a long time been resistant to reforming the structural features of its higher education system. A few years ago, this changed rapidly, and Europe is today on the brink of converging into a single higher education system. But does this mean that higher education offerings will be exactly the same all over the continent in the future? Do we not need diversity at least as urgently as harmonisation? And in which way will the ongoing systemic reform affect and change our concept and practice of Europeanisation and internationalisation?
In discussing these and related issues, the speaker will devote particular attention to the extra-university sector of higher education.
CategoriesModernising PHE within diversified HE » 2002 12th Annual Conference