Analysis of the Tertiary Short Cycle (TSC) Educations in Europe

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Author(s)Søren Nørgaard
Seen in a European perspective the Tertiary Short Cycle (TSC) Educations constitute a very varied and inhomogeneous group of educations. In some countries a part of those educations are recognised as higher educations, in other countries none of the TSC Educations are recognized as higher educations. In effect, the same type (profession) of education can be recognized as higher education within one country, but in another country be placed in the sector of Post Secondary Educations without connections to higher educations. TSC Educations are placed at University – as well as Non-University level. The analysis will be carried out in the period of June 2002 – June 2003. The basis and expected outcome of the analysis, and the current situation in selected countries will be presented.
CategoriesMission of PHE » 2002 12th Annual Conference