Different aspects of adult education within University Centre for Vocational Studies in Split highlighting part-time students training and tailor-made courses

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Author(s)Margita Malešević
Part-time students who are highly involved in LLL have proven to be highly motivated students since most of them are professionals who find it necessary to continue their education. Their aim is to either refresh and update their skills and learn of the latest developments, or to get an associate degree as a prerequisite for promotion at work. Their vocational & educational training (VET) is often employer-sponsored and to meet their needs we have offered very flexible scheduling during the day, mostly afternoons, evenings and weekends. Due to their limited free time to be dedicated to studying, the study curricula have been organized in more semesters than the corresponding program for full-time students. With Bologna process implementation some issues have arisen regarding these students.
As a higher education institution we have exceptional experiences with tailor-made courses as a part of Continuing Education Training. This means that we have provided some non-credit courses designed to meet particular needs ordered by different companies in the region. Although most tailor-made courses are short in duration, they are long in quality – and maintain the same standards of educational excellence as credit courses. Examples of different courses (English, Informatics, Electrical Engineering,…) are presented.
CategoriesModernising PHE within diversified HE » 2006 16th Annual Conference