HEInnovate: A self-assessment tool for higher education institutions (HEIs) wishing to explore their entrepreneurial and innovative potential

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Author(s)Zsuzsa Javorka, Rebecca Allinson
HEInnovate is an online self assessment tool which helps Higher Education Institutions in identifying and working on their entrepreneurial and innovative potential. The tool has been designed and developed by the European Commission in cooperation with the OECD. By reviewing seven broad areas for development, higher education institutions can open up discussion and debate on their entrepreneurial and innovative nature. In its third year, HEInnovate has been used by over 650 HEIs worldwide. This hand-on workshop will: Provide a background on HEInnovate and the potential benefits of its use; Explain how to use the tool to its maximum potential; Engage participants in discussions on identifying strengths and weaknesses in their institutions; Highlight where to get support and advice on HEInnovate.
CategoriesResearch Developement and Innovation » 2016 26th Annual Conference