Academic Cooperation and mobility Between Dominican Republic and Europe: Challenges and Opportunities (2)

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Author(s)Iva Voldánová
CaribErasmus aims at fostering the cooperation between European and Caribbean higher education institutions in a structured and sustainable perspective. The mobility programmes outside Europe face many more challenge compared to intra European mobility: in Europe, the exchange programmes are multi lateral, institutionalised, supported financially, the institutions are well connected. The ECTS and QA systems ensure a smooth transition and consistent education. When in comes to Caribbean exchanges, many challenges are to be faced: the cooperation is bilateral, there is few information, few communication, the costs for exchange are much higher. Nonetheless, those exchange are extremely valuable as local institutions can offer specific knowledge and topics (climate change, marine ecology, food research, tourism), and share good practice. Raising awareness on education possibilities in the Caribbean can be done cheaply and should be encouraged. EURASHE and the CaribERASMUS partners tried to raise awareness and join force on that topic.
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