SPEAQ Workshop: Practitioner-led quality assurance and enhancement

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Author(s)John Canning, Ole Helmersen
The aim of the workshop will be to illustrate how the SPEAQ-project (ten partners, funded by ERASMUS’ Lifelong Learning Programme and led by LLAS at the University of Southampton) works innovatively with quality assurance and quality enhancement in higher education. The overall rationale of the SPEAQ-project derives from a recognition that top-down change of policy does not necessarily lead to changes of mindset or changes of quality culture in an institution. It follows from this that increased dialogue between policy makers and practitioners (teachers and students) is needed and that responsibilities for quality assurance should be more evenly shared by all parties concerned (academics, students, administrators, quality managers and agencies etc.). In order to create a forum where this may take place, the main aim of SPEAQ is to connect three quality circles: teacher, student and quality manager, in order to share and enhance quality assurance practice. The project team has been trialling this workshop in the partner universities and the outcomes so far will contribute to the workshop proposed here.
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