Participative Process Management as the Core Element of a Process-based Quality Management

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Author(s)Elke Sass, Johann Janssen
The participative process management that has been in operation since 2006 at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda (HFD) in Germany is introduced as a method for supporting the management of the university in the context of New Public Management
(NPM). It is a core element of IT-supported process-based quality management (QM) which encompasses all procedures for control, in particular the implementation of strategic and operational objectives and the process of continuous improvement. At the HFD, QM entails integrating all employees into the sphere of responsibility for the quality of services provided and their ongoing improvement. There have generally been substantial reservations with respect to the application of QM in a university environment. QM is frequently equated with a high level of documentation and formalisation (bureaucracy). The methodology described in the present paper counters such reservations systematically, and an empirical study conducted at the HFD demonstrates some initial success.
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