Students’ view on the external evaluation process. Enhancing quality through student feedback

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Author(s)Anca Prisăcariu
The present paper aims at identifying issues that can be improved in the institutional quality assurance process in Romania. This is done by surveying student quality evaluators about their perception of the review process in its different aspects: general perception of the efficacy of the evaluation process and perception of the pre- and the post-visit phase, teamwork in the review panel and higher institutions’ openness to the evaluation. An insight into the perception of students that have been involved in external reviews points out the fortes of the quality evaluation process and also, and more importantly, aspects that are still missing or that can be improved in the process. The study also provides essential insight about how the review members work as a team. Based on the present status highlighted by the results of the questionnaire, there are a series of concrete solutions for improving the institutional quality evaluation process and also for further research in the domain.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2011 6th EQAF