Perceptions of quality: NOKUT’s ‘quality barometers for higher education’ – 2010 and 2011

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Author(s)Jon Haakstad
NOKUT’s Scientific Employees’ Educational Quality Barometer 2010 was a first attempt in Norway to make a survey of academic teachers’ attitudes to different aspects of quality in higher education. When the barometer was published, however, it gave rise to a storm of student comments, as it seemed to show that teachers generally identified the (lacking) abilities and efforts of the students, rather than the quality of their own teaching, as the main obstacles to high quality. Teaching academics came across as rather complacent about the academic and didactic quality of their provision and found little use in institutional quality assurance systems. A follow-up survey in 2011, now taking in a representative sample of students as well, largely confirmed the findings concerning teachers’ attitudes from 2010  and showed that teachers and students make quite diverging assessments. The paper addresses several interesting points that the barometers raise. A crucial one is this: The Qualifications Frameworks now point to the learning outcome as a central orientation point. QA cannot follow that up unless it becomes more ‘didactic’ and closer to the learning process; therefore QA systems must also win the acceptance and active participation of the teaching academics. Is that likely to happen, given the revealed scepticism?
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