Building trust for sustainability: the academy vs. the state

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Author(s)Mike Kuria
The Bologna Process was originated by governments if traced back to the 1998 meeting between education ministers from the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany, which was followed by the meeting of 29 education ministers from Europe in Bologna, Italy, in
1999. In 1996, the Inter-University Council of East Africa, supported by the DAAD, initiated the development of an East-Africa-wide quality assurance framework. Forty-seven universities have participated and piloted a quality assurance handbook titled The Roadmap to Quality: A Handbook for Higher Education on selected programmes. Workshop participants will compare European and East African experiences and answer the following questions: Based on the Bologna Process and the East African experience, how can trust between the state and academy be enhanced for quality assurance in higher education? What measures can regional blocks (EAC and EU) put in for a sustainable regional quality assurance mechanism?
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