Major findings and recommendations of the MAP-ESG project

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Author(s)Fiona Crozier
Over the last year the E4 Group (ENQA, EURASHE, EUA and ESU) have worked on a project called "Mapping the application and implementation of the ESG" (MAP-ESG). The purpose of the project has been to gather information on how the ESGs have been implemented and applied, on national level, in HEIs and in QA agencies in the 46 Bologna signatory countries. After five years of experience with implementing and applying the ESGs, there have been suggestions that they should be revised. As a response to this discussion the E4 Group decided to launch this project to map the experiences of various stakeholders with regard to the ESGs and their views on whether revision is needed. The project will result in an E4 report to be submitted to the HE Ministers and will make a recommendation on the appropriateness of a revision for the ESGs. During this session the major findings and recommendation of the project will be presented, allowing the audience the opportunity to discuss them prior to the finalisation of the E4 report.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2011 6th EQAF, MAP-ESG