How to escape from a vicious PDCA by returning to the basics of quality and by looking for strategies to ensure the enduring concern of the educational front

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Author(s)Marieke Janssen
Since the early 1990s, quality management has been on the agenda of higher education institutions. During this period we notice a shift from a rather superficial, formalised approach to a steering Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) improvement methodology. As most of the higher education institutions succeeded in installing systematic PDCA control mechanisms, there is the need to take a further step. If higher education institutions do not want to fall into the trap of a vicious PDCA cycle and if they want to renew themselves continuously in a rapidly changing environment, they will have to look for ways to involve their stakeholders (mainly the students and the teachers) in this process. In this paper we look for some ways to stimulate the talent, enthusiasm, ambition and imagination of teachers and students in order to create an engaging learning environment.
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