A dialogue and user-centred quality assurance approach

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Author(s)Hanne Leth Andersen
With the new turn in Danish national quality assurance policy in education, it is expected that the accreditation system will be changed from programme accreditation to institutional accreditation. This will put emphasis on the universities’ internal quality systems. The system at Roskilde University (RU) is designed with the clear ambition to be user-centred and focussed on dialogue. Evaluation methods must be chosen by teachers and students, and focus on both parties’ responsibility in teaching and learning. The quality system has the ambition of focussing on development, not on control (research results show that combinations are most difficult). Therefore, evaluation is not considered to be a means to detect the bad cases, but a tool for dialogue, nor is competence development considered to be a tool that external stakeholders can master; it can be defined in appreciative collegiate groups. Neither students nor teachers can grow if they are not in charge of their own practice.
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