Sabotaging trust and managing distrust – an inventory of our best bad practices

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Author(s)Bernhard Kernegger, Oliver Vettori
The conference theme “Quality and Trust: at the heart of what we do” invites an overdue debate regarding the intended but also the unintended consequences of our impressively wide range of QA tools that were developed during the last two decades, and reminds us of the social and cultural dimensions involved. In many cases, the relationships between different actor and stakeholder groups (such as HEIs across different countries or sectors, HEI and QA agencies, senior management and staff, QA experts and academics etc.) are characterised by strong reservations towards each other and a considerable level of (dare we say it?) suspiciousness. It is a common experience for QA experts in any organisation, for example, that their efforts to support improvement are rather interpreted as a badly disguised attempt at control and surveillance. The workshop will provide an opportunity for critically analysing our daily QA-related activities with regard to the trust/distrust dilemma and encourage the participants to share their own experiences. In this regard, the workshop will also address questions of ownership, reflecting who we are thinking of when we say “at the heart of what we do”.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2011 6th EQAF